Top Ranking the Subjex Word Engine

Getting your pages ranked well on the Subjex Word Engine is easy and free. You have worked hard to develop a great web site. Your content matters even if your pages are not linked well to and from other sites. The Subjex Page Reader {SPR} will determine what the 20 most important words are in relation to your page. Some of these words, if highly relevent to your content, may not actually be a word found on your page. This makes the SPR extremely difficult to subvert with keyword spamming. However, there really isn't much motivation to subvert SPR, because a Subjex top ranking is completly achievable by anyone. How?

The Subjex Word Engine will match your page's 20 words to our users activity. When your words and our users words start to match up, this is when you will start to find your page in the results. When a Subjex Word Engine user - searches a traget word - they get the 20 most important words to that target and is a live reflection of what the world thinks are the most important. Therefore as the world turns, so the words important to the target word slowly and constantly shift. As a result, no one has top ranking on any specfic word or phrase. Rather, a page will dominate a niche within any given subject {thus the name Subjex}.

First, we suggest using good natural textual content in your page. As a general rule, good content uses a 3 step process:

        1}- Tell them what you are going to tell them.
        2}- Tell them.
        3}- Tell them what you just told them.

This format will serve you well when SPR reads your page. We believe the reciprocal link process will not only grow the usage of Subjex as a community, but also grow the visibility of those linked on Subjex. It's simple "cause and effect"; more Subjex users mean more visitors to your page. Therefore, we give a slight advantage to a page when SPR detects Subjex content on it {i.e. link{s} to and or Subjex dialogue} After all, shouldn't those committed to growing the Subjex search community be rewarded more than those that just submit without suppporting the tool? We think so and based upon our growth so do our users. Therefore, as an example of a simple text link you might want to display {on the page being read}, you may Cut and Paste this (or similar) HTML code to your page:

<!-- I Rank Subjex --!><a href=""><b>Subjex</b></a><br>the first WORD engine

Now that the code is on your page, the next time Subjex visits it {no need to resubmit} your ranking will improve for the content already on your page. It's that easy to improve your page ranking in Subjex.

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